Welcome to my website. The photographs are arranged in portfolios of subject matter and artistic expression. Some images are produced in both color and black&white as the subject, lighting, texture and expression may allow. Please refer to the pricing list for purchase of prints and electronic files.


The Art of Building represents over 40 years of observinG and capturing the artistic aspects of the buiding construction process. Though my efforts began a a documentation of the process, I soon saw a deeper aesthetic in the materials and people within the construction effort. Black and white images of this portfolio were featured in LensWork #96 publihsed in October 2011.


FENCE LINE captures the changes this wood picket fence near my home in Huntington Beach, CA under went through seasonal storms and summer sun. Winds, rain and tides continually change its form, color and texture, evolving from a bright red "guard of the beach" to a worn, grey and battered tangle of wood. Two years in the making, the fence continues to offer new visions every season.


ELEMENTS OF ARCHITECTURE focuses on the color, form, shading, shadowing and material texture that defines its charactor.  Images are presented as "architectural vignettes that focus on specific elements that define what the building or structure is.


SCENICS presents images of my travels which fortunataly have been form Europe to Hawaii and points in between. Images of urban landscape, desert environements, European gardens, ocean beaches, Alaskan glaciers are featured in this portfolio. Please refer to the sub-catagories for specific areas.


BARK IN TRANSITION presents the fascinating colors, patterns and textures created by Eucalyptus bark during the annual shedding period. These trees, originally from Australia, were photographed in Southern California over several cycles. During early spring, bark colors change from grey to purple, red and black, then peel away to reveial new light tan growth beneath.

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